HUNT-777 As A Result Of Continued To Check Diligently Student Behavior Day In And Day Out, I Became A Class Teacher Of The Girls' School To Complete The Notebook That You Fully Understand The Physiological Cycle Of Female Students In The Class At Last!
As a result of having continued checking the action of the student diligently every single day, I who became the class class teacher of the girls' school finish the notebook which completely grasped the menstruation period of the school girl of the class at last!
The woman before the menstruation feels Sex. As for this, the Schoolgirl is no exception, too. Therefore I who worked in the girls' school continued checking the action of all the girls of the class, and completed a notebook in a menstruation period. And snipe at only the girl who entered the Hatsujou mode, and sexually harass you. If it is this method, without being appealed, finally ask for the insertion, besides, from the other side.