WSS-228 Paris ● AV Debut Ryo Remoderu
Paris ● remoderu AV debut Ryo
"Like that it is Sex"…In fact, pure domestic production beautiful woman Model, Ryo which plays an active part in getting out baiseku and the dignified expression in the world to confess to nudity nude until the relations with the foreign woman top model. When "all being seen like it ," expose transparent white skin and produced proportion of the balance in front of a camera for the first time if I become naked. All high height beautiful woman, AV DEBUT ★ Documentary five parts that I wiggle the constriction that they pictured a sexy curve in for pleasure, and I am fascinated by pleasure to the full when they receive penes after a long absence, and both the heart and the body undress in front of to, a camera whether "after all the Sex with the man is not bad".
「エッチなコトは好きです…実はバイセクだし」と、凛とした表情で外国の女性トップモデルとの関係まで赤裸裸に告白する、世界で活躍する純国産美女モデル・Ryo。「見られるコトなら全部スキ」とカメラの前で初めて全裸になると、透き通るような白い肌と均整のとれたプロポーションを晒す。色っぽい曲線を描いたクビレを快楽でくねらせ、お久しぶりの男根を受け入れると快楽にどっぷり陶酔し「やっぱり男性とのセックスも悪くないかも」と、カメラの前でココロもカラダも裸になる、高身長美女・AV DEBUT★ドキュメント全5編。